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What to do on freelancing sites?

o work in any of the above freelancing marketplaces, you must first create a profile or account. Then you have to organize your profile well. You need to create a complete profile with what you know, what skills and experience you have, your social media profile, your education qualification, your website address, your personal contact and photo.
You can also write down how you work with clients, how quickly someone performs the job after you have been hired, and if you have already done any work, you can write down the job reference. Especially if you have already created a website of an organization or company, sharing the link of that website will be more beneficial for you.
The better you can build a portfolio by combining your work experience and job type, the more easily a client will be interested in hiring you. Remember, however, that no lie can be resorted to in the hope of getting a job. You can never succeed in freelancing by trickery.

What should I learn to do freelancing?

If you have skills in any subject, you can increase your skills by taking courses from our institution. However, if you do not have the skills to work in any subject, you can choose one or two profitable topics for freelancing and become an expert by taking a course in our organization.

High demand work

The image above is taken from the Fiber Marketplace. Fiber Marketplace is in demand for a wide range of topics including graphics design, digital marketing, article writing, video editing, web development and lifestyle. Moreover the demand for every such job is in all types of freelancing marketplaces.

You can take a course on any of the following topics for freelancing-

  • Graphic Design:  Almost all companies and organizations need different types of graphic design including making different types of banners, making logos. So you can take a course on graphics design from any institution.
  • Digital Marketing:  Digital marketing is the use of digital media and digital technology to manage the sale of products or services through online / internet. And all the types of methods we use for marketing are digital marketing. There is a lot of demand for this type of work in different freelancing marketplaces.
  • Article  Writing: If you have a writing habit or previous blogging experience, you can further enhance your writing experience by taking a course on article writing. Good quality content writers are always sought after in various freelancing marketplaces.
  • Web Design and Development:  Nowadays every company and every organization needs a website. So if you can become proficient in this field, there will be no shortage of your work in the freelancing market.
  • Video Editing and Animation: There are many prices for video editing and animation in both online and offline markets. If you learn this job, you will be able to earn a lot of money by freelancing.

Is it compulsory to know English for freelancing?

In fact, in order to earn money by freelancing, you have to communicate in English with the client in all types of freelancing marketplaces. Because most of the clients in the freelancing market are from outside Bangladesh. So since they do not know Bengali, there is no other way to communicate or chat with them except English.
However, there are some topics that you can do for freelancing even if you do not know enough English. You can communicate with buyers only if you know a little English about your subject.
For example, working on graphic design, web design and video editing and animation will work even if you don’t know English well. Only if you know a little English on this topic can you do freelancing? But you can’t work in the freelancing market if you don’t know enough English to work with digital marketing and article writing.

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