What is the position of Bangladesh in freelancing?

Bangladesh is after India in freelancing. About 26 percent of the world’s freelancing population lives in Bangladesh. Freelancers in Bangladesh are more interested in Sales and Marketing Support, Creative and Multimedia, Software Development, Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Video Editing and Technology. The average monthly salary of freelancers in Bangladesh is about 60 US dollars or 5 thousand rupees. However, there is a way to earn more from freelancing in Bangladesh.

Top Freelancer Conutry

As you can see in the picture above, according to the 2019 report, Bangladesh is in the 7th position in freelancing. Our neighbor India is only 2% ahead of Bangladesh. Our country has about 26% of the freelancers in the world. Moreover, our neighboring country Pakistan is in the 4th position in the freelancing career. I believe that by 2020, Bangladesh will move closer to Pakistan in its freelancing career.

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