What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is the process of making money by reaching out to clients online by concluding work contracts with different clients online from home. You may not be clear about freelancing yet. I am trying to present this subject more simply. Usually, a person submits his CV to get a job in a company after graduation. After looking at the CV and at the end of the interview, the company hires him if it deems him eligible. Then the person gets a fixed salary at the monthly rate by doing regular routine work in the company from 9 am to 5 pm. In the same way that freelancing is done, a person applies for jobs in various online freelancing marketplaces in order to get a job in a subject that he has experience in or that he can work well in. The client then verifies the suitability of his work and if he deems it appropriate, hires him to do the job. This is why freelancing is called a type of job. However, there are many differences between a normal job and a freelancing job. Normally any job has to be done at the scheduled time every day. Otherwise, you will not be able to hold your job. At the same time, if you can’t do the job properly, sometimes you have to be reprimanded by the boss. But in the case of a freelancing career, there are no such set rules. Here you can work independently. You can work when your mind wants, and you can refrain from work if your mind does not want. This is why freelancing is called a free profession and most people prefer to do freelancing. But if you want to be successful in your freelancing career, you need to work hard. Because if you work in freelancing with the attitude of working independently or whenever you want, you will never be a good freelancer. The more time you spend in the freelancing marketplace and the more regular contact you have with clients, the more you can earn by freelancing. At the same time, if you maintain time like a normal job without working independently, the client will feel more comfortable working with you.

How do freelancers work?

Understanding how freelancers work or how freelancers get jobs will make it clearer to you what freelancing is all about. See the image below-

Freelancer VS Agency

Suppose you are a freelancer and I have a garments company. Most people don’t know anything about my company because my company is new. So I want to create a website called My Garments so that people can know about my company through that website. In this case, creating a website will require many types of materials. First of all, a logo must be made in the name of Garments. Then create a website with the company name with the logo. At the same time, in order for the website to be seen by people by searching on Google, the SEO of the website has to be done. Then I will need a logo designer, a web designer and an SEO expert to create my company’s website. Now I am looking for a good quality logo designer in different freelancing marketplaces to create my company’s website. To find a logo designer I will do a post with a description of my logo design in the freelancing market. After seeing the post, various freelancers will apply to get the job done. By looking at the profiles of those who will apply, I will contact the person who I think is a good quality logo designer. Then I will give the job to the logo designer after discussing how many dollars it will work, how it will work, how much time it will take to work, etc. Then when he submits the work to me, I will pay him. Moreover, when you work regularly in various freelancing marketplaces, you will automatically become acquainted with different individuals and businesses, so different clients will contact you directly through your profile to get their work done. When you can be a freelancer of this level, earning lakhs of rupees a month by freelancing will not matter to you. Basically, this is how a freelancer works online and earns money sitting at home.

What is freelancing in simple language?

From the above discussion and analysis, it can be said that freelancing is the process of earning money by working online through contracts with various individuals and organizations using one’s own talents and experience. Moreover, from the above discussion, it is also understood that although freelancing is a free profession, there is no opportunity to work freely in order to improve one’s position in freelancing and earn more money. The more time and effort a freelancer can spend in different freelancing marketplaces, the more money that freelancer can earn by freelancing. And those who take freelancing as a free profession and work independently will never succeed in freelancing.

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