How much money can be earned by freelancing?

How much money you can earn by freelancing will depend on your work skills. The better the quality of your work, the more jobs you will get in the freelancing market and the more jobs you get, the more money you will be able to earn. Here you need to increase the amount of dollars you can earn through work by proving your skills. Freelancers usually earn money through contracts as hours, days and weeks. In this case, the better the position in the freelancing market, the more work he can get and earn more money.

Bangladeshi To Freelancer

The image above is taken from the popular freelancing marketplace Upwork. Mr. Amanur Rahman is the most popular Bangladeshi freelancer of Upwork. He works in web design and development. As you can see in the picture above, he has already done about 202 jobs from the upwork freelancing market. He currently earns ৫০ 50 per hour for work. In this case, if he works for 5 hours, he will get 250 dollars (Bangladeshi 20 thousand rupees) for 5 hours. Moreover, in the picture above you can see the picture of the popular Bangladeshi freelancer for two more. They also charge ৫০ 50 per hour for their work. How much you earn per hour or how much you earn for a job will depend on your popularity and quality of work. All in all, the more you can prove your worth in the freelancing market, the more money you can make by freelancing. There are many good freelancers in our country who are earning 3 to 5 lakh rupees per month. Moreover, there are many good freelancers in our neighboring country India, who earn 4/5 lakh rupees per month.

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