5 Popular Freelancing Marketplaces

The following 5 freelancing marketplaces are currently the most popular among the thousands of online marketplaces. You can do freelancing work by having an account in this marketplace.

1. Fiver – Fiverr.Com

Fiber is currently the most popular freelancing marketplace in the world. Most of the freelancers in Bangladesh work in fiber. There are many high priced projects starting from ৫ 5 on Fiber. Web Design, Web Development, Graphics Design, Logo Design, Voice Record, Article Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing and many more.

2. Upwork – Upwork.Com

Upwork is another popular freelancing marketplace in the world. It first started activities called Odesk. In 2015, the site was renamed Odesk, merging with another popular freelancing platform, Elance Upwork. Upwork offers fixed and hourly rates. PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfer methods are available to withdraw money from here.

3. Freelancer.com – Freelancer.Com

Freelancer.com is one of the foremost online based job marketplaces, where fixed price and hourly rate projects are available. There are also plenty of online jobs available here. The number of freelancers here is a bit less than Fiber and Upwork. Income can be withdrawn from Freelancer.com through PayPal, Skrill, Pioneer and Bank Transfer.

4. Guru – Guru.Com

More than 3 million people from all over the world work in this marketplace. There are many different types of job offers including web design, web development, graphics design, logo design, article writing. Both types of jobs are available on this site, including fixed price and hourly. There are opportunities to use PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfer methods to withdraw money from here.

5. Toptal – Toptal.Com

Toptal is another popular freelancing site. This marketplace has gained a lot of popularity recently. Currently, more than 2 million people around the world are working in this marketplace. There are also plenty of online jobs available here. Like other marketplaces, almost all types of demanding jobs are available here. Income can be withdrawn from here by PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfers.

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